Welcome to my website which is for adults with learning (intelectual) disability and anyone connected to LD-family, friends, workers etc.its not to acesible at the moment- im working on that but i hopefuly will make easy read versions of articles once ive finished with the site.ive also built a social network for everyone with LD and friends/family/workers in LD to make friends,enjoy.

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About Emlyn

SINCE 1984


From Manchester, UK.

Emlyn is a 37 year old transgender FtM (female to male) adult who has multiple disabilities including classic autism (a Proloquo2go and medical helmet user) ,mild learning disability, epilepsy and a number of spine and spinal nerve injuries from over restraint in a learning disability assessment & treatment hospital.

due to the total lack of feeling and severity of the pain the nerve damage has left him in he uses a quickie neon 2 active wheelchair.

He lives in supported living with his own 24hr 1-1 care staff but was 2-1 up until january 2016, animals,art and the input of stronger behavioral medication is what helped him progress.


He attended a day centre until COVID 19 hit and is still waiting to go back-its very close to being fully open again.he still attends his other favourite place-venture arts.

Emlyn has a passion to help others who are in the vunerable groups of society and is also hevely into disability activism and acesibility.

His main interest is art and DSLR photography, digital editing with adobe photoshop and lightroom CC on a gaming laptop and serif affinity photo on his ipad/AAC device... he does most styles of art from ceramics to traditional paintings with the awesome support of Venture Arts-a specialist supported art studio in Manchester, UK, for creatively minded people with all levels of learning disability.

He has a handsome furriendly rescue cat with additional needs-he is called Mr Shadow , a lovely,baby sweetcorn obsessed cheeky rabbit called luna who recently had to deal with the shock of her hutch mate dying, and a 400 litre tank with two very naughty,male, chonky upside down catfish and one black neon tetra-the tank is due to be fully stocked again soon.

He also enjoys gaming as it helps to take him out of his world-his sega saturn is out of action at the moment as it needs all the capacitors replacing so he is using steam a lot again, playing a number of games at the moment including AWAY, spyro trilogy, calico and doom (2016), he just bought an old PAL playstation 1 and final fantasy VIII, and he has a handheld gameboy style raspberry pi with emulation station installed.                       

He hopes to go back to the David Lewis Centre residential college as a day case and back to the special olympics when normality (or near enough) comes back.

 If you woud like to talk about anything to do with disabbility activism or want a piece of work comissioning please contact him.