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About Cat among the pigeons

If youve not met me on other sites before, perhaps this may help you become a bit more understanding of where im coming from!


Why did I chose the name 'Cat Among The Pigeons' ?

The reason i chose this name is bringing two of my animal loves together, i am a massive cat fanatic and a massive pigeon fanatic. I believe pigeons are highly underrated and treated like of no value to society which is how ive been treated  by the community most of my life due to being disabled. My dads cat (who has dwarfism, like Grumpycat did- just not with as bad jaw problems) is tiny and I watch her often lining herself up to try jump among the pigeons even though theyre bigger than her but she never gives up trying and it is this that makes me carry on to.

What experience do i have in DJing and music production ?

Ive been vinyl DJing since 1999, tinkering with production from 1998 using a vile music rif based software called music 98 on the playstation 1, i got involved in using full studio software suites to produce - back in the day when the UI wasnt very user friendly and it wasnt about making everything into DLC like it is now. i learned by messing- i didnt understand a thing by reading it so i just explored with my ears and hands. i was given a voluntary job shortly after working in major radio, which went out to three major hospitals. unfortunatly i was given the shove after 6 weeks due to being non verbal which they had known about and well i gather its kind of a big draw back to radio DJing, but i had a co DJ who was the speaking person-i knew what i was doing with the mixing desks,the 1200s,the CDs and even oldskool tape decks they had in there.   

i was not that long after-moved into residential care for adults with complex autism and intelectual disability (otherwise known as learning disability,in the UK) ,so i was quite rightly not allowed any equipment in my bedroom as its always had ended up trashed. i had developed severe tinnitus and profound hyperacusis, from the amount of head banging i did without my padded helmet, so  i coudnt have done it anyway.  years later, i was given sensory integration therapy while locked up in a learning disability hospital and this had helped me start coping with music and tv sound again so i began listening to music and started doing digital DJing via asoftware called mixxx, which has left absolutely trashy drivers on my laptop so i continuously now get blue screens of death.

i then moved onto virtual DJ using the pro mode, and then bought a pioneer REV-1 DJ controler i use serato pro,otherwise if im not able to hold my flightcase on my knee i use virtual DJ with a fab gaming mouse called the roccat kone XP (no,nothing to do with windows XP). i do a mix whenever i can afford music, this is just my own personal view on myself but i dont ever want to get music via unpaid means because its stealing from an artist and label.

I had developed brain injurys threw my lifelong epilepsy and this is where it kinda got a bit murky, it has destroyed my memory so everything i ever learned about DJing, and production i have had to start over and i now also constantly forget while in the middle of mixing for example. thats why i liked virtual DJ as it shows you what track youve just played which for me was a means of acesibility and not just a convenience.

so during every mix im having to relearn as i go along and im hoping at one point itll go into my long term memory and ill no longer have to map everything out.

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Communicating in SL isnt just for HoH or LD.

Many DJs and clubbers who arent disabled or work within disability are yet to discover the advantages of learning makaton signing or BSL, makaton is part of my comunication and it masively helps me in club situations.

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Laptop DJing - the lazy persons way to mixing or the next generation of creativity?
Every DJ and there cat has an opinion on this one, for me, its not a lazy route its enabled me to carry on DJing and i also use
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Music collection
My ridiculously large music collection spans across tons of vinyl, plus CDs and purchased music via itunes and beatport.
There is one thing that makes me very sad about digital music today though...
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