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I finally got my very old Steam account working again, and i got Goat Simulator installed on Arch Linux, but my lack of memory slows it down hugely,the FPS is laughable.

I bought Meadow, a fantastic game (cantt recommend it enough for most ages and most levels of learning and/or developmental disability) where it looks a bit like Minecraft but better and you play wild animals across a huge land with gentle mindful music where you all have to learn to interact with each other-My problem, ive never done online gaming before other than roblox years ago where i got called retarded by so many young kids because i was to slow and useless for their needs (thankfully they havent seen my diagnosis papers which does include “mild mental retardation” lol).

I bought it thinking it had a single player option,i hate playing against people online-more so people i dont know because i dont know how im supposed to react or communicate to them, however….Meadow-from what i can see, doesnt use language,you can play people from all over the world as it doesnt matter there is no traditional language barrier.

It uses the animals own noises and feelings to show the other persons animal you come across how you feel and the aim is to play with each other and do stuff,im not sure what,im just finding it cool being a badger cub.

I struggled to understand the little HUD buttons with each emotion on or each action button,and I actually did online gaming for the first time yesterday on Meadow- I met someone controlling a rabbit and it was actually quite cool because for once I wasnt being called a retard for being slow to react or think,they did wonder what i was doing several times though ,i was trying to move with the keyboard which for me is pretty hit or miss,but if they were thinking retard-at least i didnt see it lol.

Ive forgotten what i was actually writing about in the first place, oh yeah…. right this laptop is so bad,its only qualities are…its arch linux,and its super lightweight as its a business laptop, other than that its super shit, because the sound card and graphics card are vile and the memory never goes higher than 4gb of RAM,which is minimum for the game to work,though weirdly it works.

Goat Simulator though….woah, its like you can make a little movement,look away for a while and turn back and it is still making its mind up to move-very low FPS (frames per second,not first person shooter).

I bought the payday DLC for goat simulator-it woudnt load past the loading screen, but….i was able to pick from the new characters-including a dolphin in a realistic NHS style manual wheelchair and a flamingo where you can fly round everywhere.

I bought grand theft auto- san andreas, as it was my favourite GTA but it woudnt start,not because my laptop is shite,but because i had chosen a windows only based game-my short term memory is shit! i had already decided on a gaming laptop with (unfortuntaly) windows 10 installed so when my new laptop comes ill be able to install and hopefully play san andreas with no problem.

I bought Stardew Valley.i had had the hard copy on xbox one or xbox 360 i think, i paid £25 for it second hand. its a very addictive game,you make a farm,you sell stuff,you knock down stuff,and you have a cat,its addictive. i love the graphics,reminds me of old RPGs like the playstations original wild arms.

That was the last of my spending on Steam i then asked and asked and asked my support staff to ask and ask and ask and ask my appointee to give me the money on my top up card for a new laptop-a gaming laptop, i might get a wired xbox 360? controller to use with the games as i used to do that with goat simulator,but i think i gave it to my brother in law.

im allowed to buy the laptop next thursday and its got to be with specific staff to support me to buy it but its not like im going to buy any old shit,i really need a new laptop.

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