Obsessed with Forza Horizon 4

im terrible with driving games because they need a lot of quick thinking ahead of what is happening but i absolutely love them,i last played gran turismo 2 and ridge racer type 4,so in short,driving games are not built for learning disabled (by ICD and mencaps definition,not DSM) people like me, i also struggle a lot with the visual processing side part of my autism, it affects how i see colours and shapes so i dont process them fast enough-say a corner or gate or side of the road when driving around in one of my eighty odd posh or boy racer cars.

the other problem i had was i was relieing on the keyboard to drive,it was bad-my fine motorskills are near non existent.

so i went to the trafford centre with my support staff and bought a third party wired xbox one controller, its see through and also changes colour- feels weighty enough and decent enough to be like the official thing.

and unlike many control pads it works with steam and forza horizon 4 with no need for needing to be some sort of hacker or expert, i didnt even need to map any buttons, i had to change the level of vibration down to very low as it affected my nerve damage/peripheral neuropathy in my hands and wrists.

however, forza h4 really shows up how low powered my new gaming laptop is as i get a warning error everytime it starts up saying just that,but i get aorund 60FPS on average so its not to bad,im going to get someone to up the memory/RAM to 32GB from 8GB at christmas but itts the geforce RTX 2080 graphics card its got a problem with,not memory,the graphics card has got tons of its own memory-6GB i think,argh if only i coud upgrade the graphics card-at least forza works for me though,for other people it doesnt work at all.

ive clocked up over 35 hours so far playing it, over the couple of weeks ive had it, and ive done it the hard way- i coud only afford the base game which was £55 quid,the full game was-£85 quid.

i want to buy a driving wheel next to use with it but i need to realise ill never be like the big players on the game, its online based mainly and i hate so much being so bad at gaming as the average person on FH4 isnt going to understand the reasons behind why someone might be slow or bad at driving.

its unfortunate there isnt a FH4 server specially designed for learning disabled and/or autistic drivers.

my first car in the game, my cats name- Mr Shadow is my number plates for all my cars.

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