My second ever concert

well its my second if you dont count the ‘all come all ye ravers’ concert pete tong did coming up to christmas 2020, as that was privately streamed and only an hour long.

every year ive wanted to go to the ibiza classics tour being a very very long time fan of both Pete and classical music but i was never given the chance to, i have never had support staff who were also fans of him or whove helped take my wishes this far,so this year ive paid for my mum-whose had a very bad past two years-not because of covid but cancer, and my sister is driving my motability car and going as my ‘PA’,we have got our own little private VIP area again (my first concert in 2018 had the same one).

the ibiza classics concert with Pete, jules buckley and the unbelievably tireless heritage orchestra is not till november, so covid 19 isnt going to screw things up again…..

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