im needing new headphones

my headphones are dying…….im going to have a budget around £350 as theyll be for both keeping far to loud noise from my neihbours out (but im told its my fault as its me who has the sensitive hearing,not them),not necesrily noise cancelation as id forget to charge them due to my total lack of short term/working memory, and i want them to be DJ style-with decent padding,high comfort and a wire that i can hook up to the laptop-no bluetooth-not got the brain memory for that.

so i am thinking of this pair of monolith M1070 headphones:

the much cheaper- technics:

any ideas?????

i need some help with this, i know my apointee will say the cheapest ones-probably some knock off imports from the back of a lorry but .im after amazing quality sound and bass plus super quality textures on the headphones.

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