fixing the website- watch this space

im currently working on the website itself,ive coded some new bits n pieces, but ive forgoten to change a load of links,so if you get sent to a random or blank page,clicking on any graphics or a web page suddenly gives an error, its because ive changed the name of the webpage to something easier to understand than page-1,page-2 etc but ive spent over 6 hours today working on the site and i need a break,i might work on it later tonight or tomorow (tuesday) although ive got a dentist apointment tomorow so im not sure if ill be recovered enough-i see a additional needs community dentist but he might be off and the lady who saw me last time really scared the shit out of me and also hurt me to the point i was kicking and punching out,and being shouted at about not looking after my teeth, i cant as i have severe dental flourosis from having pica-one of my things was eating toothpaste my whole life-that destroyed my enamel and i now i get shitty remarks all the time off everyone about not looking after them. ugh-not as simple as that.

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