specialising in website acess,but not being able to make your own website acessible

its a really big challenge for me.ive spent nearly a year now coding this website from scratch and then rebuilding that from scratch again-including using all of my own graphics and photography, but ive not been able to install the very thing that makes websites visualy readable to non readers-a group of people who are sadly forgoten about when it comes to thinking about acess,but itd also help people like myself-a group who struggle to visualy process words due to learning disability and autism, and also itd help anyone in the ESOL group.

the software i was trialing was widgit point-i was very close to paying for it- https://www.widgit.com/products/point/index.htm – but widgit staff were unable to sort it from their side sadly,it was nothing to do with my codeing either it just woudnt connect to the widgit point server-i htink its because i use sitepad as a base for building my website on, sitepad was like a block in the way of widgit point,ive had so many problems with different things like making fonts bigger,using high contrast fonts etc-stuff i need for improving acesss,so please dont forget my site,i will do anything i can to making it acessible ,i have the ability to make easy read PDF files so i will be able to make articles into those, i need to finish working on the site first.

if you have any ideas for topics i can include for articles,please feel free to reply with them and you will (if wanted) be thanked in the article.

cheers, from emlyn and mr shadow (my additional needs cat). 🙂

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