Apps to look at on the App store

Probably the best AAC/communication app out there, it is the most expensive but armed with this and an ipad you cant go wrong. 

Proloquo2go can be adapted to meet all needs from a few words to thousands upon thousands, very easy to adapt.

Visual Planner

I bought Visual Planner for £15 on Apples app store,its an extremely useful app for people who prefer high tech to low tech but i ended up having to put so many of my own images into the image library I eventually gave up and went back to low tech PECS.

You Belong social Network

You Belong isnt the first social network for disabled people (not everyone on YB has learning disability and some people are fakes), but it was started by a man whose brother has downs syndrome and he wanted a friend.

id love it if my sister had the coding skills to do that! So with that in mind,if you are going to join up, make sure you are aware of online safety,perhaps have your parent,sibling, boyfriend/girlfriend, or support staff go through with you how things work on social networks.

 just because its for disabled people doesnt mean you dont get horrible people on them.

Whopping Trains

Whopping trains is a free app, and its very useful if you/your child like trains.

I have the pro version which is a lot better visual wise, theres hundreds upon hundreds of videos of different trains available offline.

as i have to have my ipad everywhere with me, this app has proven very helpful while waiting for anxiety or behavior causing times like doctor or specialist appointments,or transitions or change over of support staff for example.

the trains are very calming although i am more into thomas than regular trains but this does the job.

the pro version costs just a few quid,but the free version is still watchable and worthwhile having on any train lovers ipad.

the only downside to this app is it has random crashes sometimes and i have managed to recreate it and did try reporting it and got no reply, it must be due to not keeping up with the latest iOS/ipadOS.

Books Beyond Words

This free Books Beyond Words app is very helpful for social stories,some cost but the sections ive shown here are all free as far as i coud see.

These stories have no words with them which are especially useful for non readers or ESOL but I struggled to understand what was happening in many of the scenes,even when you read the write up on it at the end.

However its worth a try if it helps you or someone you know or love understand a topic more then go for it, the artwork is very good.


Chillscape is quite new, and i bought it off the app store for a pound i think when it first came out, it was advertised by Apple as a top app to get.

its a meditative app with a twist,you dont really know you are meditating so people who struggle with mindfulness,meditating,guided meditations for example may find this one easier once you get used to it, all you do is tap on the shapes that appear,each tap makes gentle soothing sounds,the trancing music in the background helps calm you and you get to set different times limits.

I find it very useful, it always keeps up development with the latest IpadOS/iOS i am yet to ever experience a crash on it and it is helpful when i am feeling stressed or anxious or annoyed,ie those kinds of feelings.

More apps worthwhile installing on your ipad


I installed calm counter a long time ago so i cant remember if it cost anything,but there is no adverts,and it is very helpful at guiding you to becoming calm again, very similar to guided meditation i suppose just much easier to follow and understand, i do recommend it i use it regulary.


Tesla toy costs a small amount of money and i still use it to this day, it is a very tactile, visual app, using one or more fingers you can move electricity all over the screen and it looks amazing, great for sensory seekers.


T2T+ (tools to talk plus) is made by Scope australia and is a very customisable AAC, not to unsimilar to proloquo2go but it only costs £50.

Ive noticed it worked a lot better on older versions of iOS and ipadOS so if you have an older ipad it might be worth looking at, im using the most up to date ipadOS right now and its quite unstable,a number of things crash it.

It is still a very good AAC app it really shoud be updated its such a shame its not been worked on in recent times.


Mouse Timer is free with no ads and lets you set the time lengths,it acts as a visual timer and the mouse chewing threw each apple before moving onto the next gives a better concept of time than most other timers ive used.

There is a little noise at the end of the time limit set but it is not over stimulating or over loading,it is just enough to prompt the person into seeing their time limit is up for what ever task they have planned.

Works very well with the latest iOS/iPadOS.


Aquarium Live HD is one of my old favourite apps that i still come back to regulary.

Its a free app but i paid inside the app for a premium experience.

It has a number of calming offline videos of fish in the sea,that you can watch with added calming sound and music if wanted.

Aquarium Live HD is very stable on the latest ipadOS/iOS.


I have used Finger Paint for many years as a calming app and a stimulating app and also for distraction during doctors visits for example and also just stimming.

Finger Paint is a free app and has a number of beautiful brushes and filters you can use to stimulate your senses and keep calm at the same time.

You can launch the app and make a sensory masterpiece without releasing it, its very easy to use.

Finger Paint is very stable on the current IpadOS/iOS.


Brainwave Tuner uses Binaural beat technology to soothe many different issues from pain to insomnia, to stress etc.

Brainwave Tuner costs but i cant remember how much, I highly recommend this software as it uses certain frequencies to target different bits of the brain,but you need a good pair of headphones to take advantage of this, Binaural beats does not work without headphones.

Brainwave Tuner had a fair bit of bad feedback in the app store but it works fine for me and its stable and works perfectly on the latest iOS/iPadOS.

Internet of things

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Machine learning

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